Three Days Grace: I Hate Everything About You Song Review and Meaning

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‘I hate everything about you’ is one of the best songs by Three Days Grace in my opinion. It was released in 2003 and was part of the self titled album ‘Three Days Grace’.

Song Review and Meaning

The song is incredibly powerful in the sense that it carries a lot of high energy like most Three Days Grace songs. Adam wrote this song and it could be about a lot of things like substance ab*se, love hate relationships with someone etc. Those with substance iss*es know this problem pretty well. You have a love hate relationship with the substance because you know its destroying you and at the same time.

According to a source, Adam had this to say about the song:

The song is pretty blunt you know? It’s to the point. It’s about realizing there’s something in your life your wasting time on. I think everybody, even in this band and a lot of other people have felt that way before at one point or another in their life. Whether it’s a person, a relationship whatever it is your just wasting time on it. The song is a realization of that.

Adam Gontier

It also can be related to loving someone and hating them at the same time. It is quite a familiar feeling to have when you are in a one sided love situation. In the song’s case, there is love and hate both from both the sides.

I used to love listening to Three Days Grace especially back when I was not very happy with myself and my life. In my case, the love was totally one sided though with someone I barely knew. I used to hate the fact that I was not getting what I wanted from the person in return. It was a situation that happened a really long time ago and I eventually got out of it. These songs were among those that I used to listen to at night. Music like this was my pass time during those times.

I was in a low vibrational state and definitely this kind of music used to really hit me in the feelings at the time. Personally, Three Days Grace is an amazing band and Adam wrote some pretty good songs.

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