Bill Kaulitz explains the song ‘Automatic’ by Tokio Hotel

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Automatic is one of the most popular songs by the music band ‘Tokio Hotel’. It was released in 2009 and is part of the Humanoid album.

Song Meaning

According to different sources, it is about being in love with a person who is emotionless. Bill talks about how he keeps loving the girl but she does not have any real love for him.

Bill’s feelings for her are somewhat automatic and arise on their own however she only displays her fake love for him. Thats why he keeps saying ‘Theres no real love in you’.

When we had the idea, we noticed how many times you use the word ”automatic” every day. Automatic is normally a good thing, except for love. It’s the only thing where it’s not a good thing. That was the idea for the song, the song is musically the thing that we were still missing on the album. It was one of the songs that we recorded really fast, once we were in the studio. We had the final version of the song really quick and shortly after we all agreed that it should be the first single.

Bill Kaulitz

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