The meaning behind Painkiller by Three Days Grace

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Three Days Grace is one of the most popular rock bands ever. Initially, they had Adam Gontier as the lead singer and now they have Matt Walst who was earlier in My Darkest Days performing Adam’s role.

A lot of fans were p*ssed off about Adam leaving Three Days Grace and not many were happy to see Matt perform as his replacement. Personally, Three Days Grace may have changed with Matt instead of Adam but it still sounds pretty awesome. They have been making good music for a long time.

Song Meaning

Painkiller is one of my favorites songs with Matt as their lead singer. Neil Sanderson spoke about the song and according to him it was about how someone is add*cted to something which they use as a means of escape in daily life.

That song is about how everybody is add*cted to something. It’s written from the perspective of the vice that you need to be add*cted to it. The love of the dr*g, it’s the villain who taunts you into wanting more.

Neil Sanderson

The song could be thought of as how one person can act as a painkiller for another one and takes on their problems. Some people have a thing for saving the other person the one they love usually from their problems. They feel that in order to have love they must fix the other person. The song could be thought of as the singer trying hard to fix the life of his loved one also. However, its originally thought of and written in the sense of craving dr*gs.

Matt does sound really good in this song. I personally thought that My Darkest Days was his best fit but he does sound good with Three Days Grace.

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