Neil Sanders explains the meaning behind Fallen Angel by Three Days Grace

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Fallen Angel is a rock song by the rock band Three Days Grace. It was released on 15th September 2015 and is part of the album ‘Human’.

Song Meaning and Inspiration

The song is actually based on Neil Sanderson’s mother who lost her elder son and even her husband the same year. Neil was only 5 years old at the time. He used to go to bed and hear his mother crying at night. The situation was definitely a tough one for his mother and he understood the grief she was going through once he became a parent.

Despite being in terrible situation, his mother did her best to carry out her duties as a parent while taking care of Neil and his siblings.

In the video, Neil talks more about the situation while getting a tattoo dedicated to his mother.

Overall, the song really inspires people to stay strong and deal with situations they are in even if it seems difficult.

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