How Going Under was possibly about Amy’s relationship with Ben Moody

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Going Under is one of the best songs by Evanescence in my opinion. It was released on 18th August 2003 and was part of the Fallen album.

Song Meaning and Review

Coming to the meaning of the song, Amy Lee talked about the song meaning and this is what she had to say about it.

The lyrics are about coming out of a bad relationship, and when you’re at the end of your rope, when you’re at the point where you realize something has to change, that you can’t go on living in the situation that you’re in. It’s cool. It’s a very strong song.

Amy Lee

According to a particular source, it was even claimed that this song was written about Amy’s band mates Ben Moody and David Hodges both of whom were out of the band by 2004. Hodges left before the Fallen album was released while Moody left the band in the middle of the group’s tour in 2003.

Now, in my opinion too the song could be about Ben Moody as Amy herself said that her relationship with Ben was toxic. They were together supposedly for about 3 years and Moody left the band in 2003 reportedly due to creative differences. However, the song was written by Amy, Ben and David together. So, what is crazy to me is that you could write a song with someone basically talking about how abusive the other guy(that you are writing the song with) is. Ben Moody is also featuring in the video.

Apart from that, Amy is seen dealing with demon like creatures in the music video which makes some people suspect that there is a darker side to the song. There could be some esoteric stuff that the song could also be about but I won’t comment upon it without knowing what it actually is.

Also Ben’s face in the end turns into a creepy one just like that of the crowd which could be another factor hinting about the song being about him.

So, this is for now. Let me know in the comments as to what you think about the song.

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