How to add more value to people?

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Alright guys if you clicked on the link here thinking about how one can add more value to people, then you might feel disappointed because its not me teaching you, how to add more value to people but me actually wondering how do I add more value to people myself.

Now, the thing is I started the blog thinking I will make a lot of money out of it. I had selfish desires and still do which I believe a lot of other people also do. Over the time, I did realize that it is more about adding value to others because adding value to people is what you get money out of. By adding more value to people you get rich.

Sometimes, I have doubts as to whether I will make it big or not. Sometimes, I feel like the things that I am doing are not enough for me to achieve what I think of achieving. At the same time, I’m always contemplating as to how can I create more value out of my blog. How do I maximize the pleasure that I get from the blog which helps me create better and better content for my readers.

These are just things that go on in my mind and sometimes, I even feel like I don’t add much value to people. I just hope to follow my passion full time and do what I find purposeful. One thing I know is that one must work towards one’s purpose. Creating this blog and writing articles was something that I felt was important and should be done despite the fact that I didn’t know if I was going to be successful with it or not.

There is one tip however that I want to give to everyone of you. If you want to be in the position of the person that you dream of, you must match the vibration of that person.

How does that version of you that is following his/her passion think, feel and act? What values does he/she live by? What kind of self image does that person have? How does he/she feel they deserve to be treated or what they deserve in life? How would that version of me act in the situation that I am in right now?

For example, lets say a rich version of you is not a miser and loves to spend on important things. He or she does not believe in substandard ways of living because they have enough wealth to live the way they want to.

Understand that you must be in the vibration of the version of you that you aspire to be.

Help us reach more people

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