Saint Asonia: Ghost Song Review and Meaning

Saint Asonia released a song called Ghost on 28th October 2020 which was part of their second album ‘Flawed Design’.

Personally, I love listening to Adam Gontier and I feel he is really talented. He has one of best voices I have ever heard in music and he can hit high notes really well. As someone who has followed his career for a long time I really love listening to his music.

Its good to see that he is producing good music with his new rock group. Ghost video consists of clips by their fans and Adam even talked about having fans in his video.

We invited our fans to show us what the song means to them and we wanted to work with them to create the visual to go along with it. I’ve actually never done something like this in the past. It’s been a great process, and the video turned out awesome.

Adam Gontier

Adam even spoke about the song in detail referring to whats it about-

It’s about losing someone in your life — whether it be to death, drugs, sickness. It’s about trying to put the pieces back together after going through something unbearable. Sonically, it’s got a different feel. It’s not just a straightforward song written around a specific riff. It’s probably one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written as a band.

Adam Gontier