Why you must drop the habit to get rid of it.

So, I have a piece of advice for people who are wanting to give up their bad habits. As someone who has relapsed a few times into doing certain things that I wanted to give up, I decided to share certain opinions with you.

So, the thing is that when you do something it is defining you as a person. What you do currently is what defines you. You see the past is not real and so is the future. What is real is the present moment. What you do right now is who you are in the present.

So, when you are doing something that you want to give up you are still in the vibration of it. Life is in the present moment. So, if you want to give up a bad habit, you must give it up then and there. You must remove yourself from the vibration of that particular thing. Life is simple. Either you do something or you don’t do it. If you want to give up something give it up then and there.

The challenges are always going to be the same when you give up something at any point of time. Its not like you can give up something later and then it would be easy. It does not happen like that.

So, remember what you do in the present is what defines you. If you want to give up something just give it up now.

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