Dominic explains the inspiration behind ‘You Had It All’ by Descape

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Descape has become one of my favorite bands to listen to. I never thought I would ever connect with them on Instagram once I heard their song but, it has been a experience interacting with them.

I like the fact that Dominic has stayed true to his passion for creating music since years and he is an inspiration for anyone who is willing to go after his or her goals.

Song Meaning

One of their best songs is ‘You Had It All’ which was released on 8th July 2002. What I have noticed about the songs that I have heard from them is that they do have an interesting background to them.

Dominic actually spoke about the meaning behind the song –

I wrote the lyrics after rewatching the movie ‘Click’ with Adam Sandler. So, basically the song is about wanting to reach something you don’t have and leaving what you already had behind, but realizing that you lost more than what you got

Dominic Rousseau

So, the sense is that a lot of times we don’t realize what we have and we run after things which are not worth chasing.

One can interpret the song as one likes, however I believe its about being grateful for what one has and not being a slave to one’s desires.

Personally, its a great song to listen to and I would recommend you to check out some of their other songs as well.

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