Started from the Bottom – Drake’s Life Story

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Drake is one of the most successful artists in the music business. He’s been at the top of the game since ages.

He is very active in several spheres of the entertainment industry, be it music production, NBA, fashion and so on.

‘Started from the bottom’ is among Drake’s most popular songs and it was released on 1st February 2013 as part of his 3rd studio album ‘Nothing Was the Same’.

Song Meaning, Story and Review

Drake gained a lot of traction from this song. Back in 2013, he was a star but not at the level that he is today.

A lot of people associated him with this song when it was released. It talks about humble beginnings and tough times which later transformed into heights of success in not just the music game but also business in general.

Several fans questioned if his times were actually all that tough as he was talking about in the video. His parents had separated and he was living with his mother in Toronto, Canada.

He spent most of his childhood in Weston Road and he described his family financial conditions as ‘very poor, like broke’. Later on, he and his mother moved to Forest Hill when he was in 6th grade which was an affluent neighbourhood.

He was into several disciplines at the time. He was an actor in ‘Degrassi’ at age 14 while also heavily into music. He released his debut mixtape ‘Room for improvement’ in 2006 and second mixtape ‘Comeback Season’ in 2007.

He mentions in his lyrics about having quarrels with his mother and uncle. It could be hinting at the fact that they didn’t approve of his endeavors.

Drake knew the importance of connections and teamwork as he emphasizes his team in the lyrics. At the same time, he mentions how crucial it is to have true friends and know who has good intentions for you.

The music video is all about him having a good time in the most luxurious amenities one can possibly have. The song can come across as rant to those who didn’t believe in him and at the same time a motivational one for people to follow their dreams.

That was my opinion on the song. Let me know what you all think of it in the comments below.

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