How to start anything in life? My experience of how I started blogging.

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Well, how do you start something new. How do you manifest your dream into reality. I will also tell you about how I started blogging to give you more insight into this.

So, a lot of people struggle with starting anything new in life. Most of them don’t know know how to begin, a lot of people wonder as to how to get the resources required etc. For example, you might want to become a youtuber but might not have any idea about what sort of content that you want to create. You might also wonder well, what if I create a few videos and run out of ideas. Or you might be interested in starting a business, but aren’t sure as to what sort of business do you really want to do or perhaps how would you get the resources required for the business.

So, the thing is a lot of people don’t start something when they don’t have it all planned out. A lot of people think that they need to have everything planned out before they embark on a venture. The thing is most people who have had success did not have it planned out either. The process is similar to driving a car at night. You only see a few steps ahead and as you walk, you keep getting leads to it. This is a huge reason why people don’t seek careers in professions like singing, dancing, writing etc. Most people are scared to fail. They let fear guide them. Now fear is a very important thing. But it is important for your survival only. Don’t let fear distract you from achieving your dreams.

If you have read the power of the subconscious mind, you would probably know this. The book mentions about how writers get content for their books. Basically the writers tap into their subconscious mind and they get content for their books. They never run out of content to write. After I read the book, I decided to try it out for myself and somehow I find it to be correct. I always get content whenever I am looking for it.

When I started out with my blog, it was a month before I started my MBA college. At first, I thought it was a cool thing to do and I did not really know if I would be pursuing it seriously. Initially, I wrote any sort of blog that I could write. My blogs in the beginning if you check them out are pretty boring I guess and they don’t have much meaning too. But, as I wrote more and more blogs, I eventually got better at it.

Earlier on, my blogs would never rank on google and for days I would have no traffic on it. I started out pretty much by sharing it on facebook and whatsapp. However, as time went by I got more and more direction. I don’t know if my blogs are entertaining yet, however I feel that I have definitely improved upon it. Later my blogs started ranking on google. Some of them not all, and the traffic started to increase. At that point, I knew I was on to something and it inspired me to write more and more.

So, the thing is don’t be afraid to start anything new. Don’t be scared to fail. If something really matters to you, you will eventually find a way to make things happen. It doesn’t matter if you have it planned out or not. Just begin the process and the leads will come. Whatever it is that you want to start, if you are sure about starting it then you will get the ideas necessary. Just like how a seed attracts to itself, everything that is required for it to become a tree.

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