The Story of Haddaway, the underrated genius and his best songs

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Nestor Alexander Haddaway is a Trinidadian born German singer. He is known for his famous hit song ‘What is Love’ which is a timeless hit.

Haddaway had joined a medical school but wasn’t enjoying himself in that field. He dropped out of the school and was later working in bars in Cologne, West Germany to support himself.

He even formed his own company called ‘Energy’ which dealt with fashion shows and modelling.

In 1992, he signed with Coconut Records which was his first label and released his debut track ‘What is Love’ which topped the charts worldwide.

He then went on to release his other tracks like ‘Life’ which also did pretty well commercially. His influence deteriorated with time as he failed to be successful with his later albums Let’s Do It Now(1998) and My Face(2001).

But in a way, he was quite successful in life. He chose to do what he wanted to do. He didn’t hesitate to leave the medical line to pursue his calling which is something a lot of people don’t do.

He established his own business after working odd jobs in the bar. His story is quite fascinating from that perspective.

Haddaway explains ‘What is Love’

Haddaway talked about what it was like to produce his debut track ‘What is Love’ and whether he knew it would be a hit or not. In the interview, he talks about what it felt like after his single became a hit along with other songs like ‘Life’, ‘Rock My Heart’ etc which were produced after it.

Best Songs by Haddaway

1. What is Love

2. Life

Haddaway’s style of music was unique and had a different vibe to it altogether. I don’t think there has ever been another artist like Haddaway.

His songs were extremely pleasant to listen to and score high in terms of rhythm, melody and tune.

Overall, I like his songs very much. Let me know what you guys think about it.

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