Recognizing patterns and how they affect your life

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So, I realized a bit more about how patterns affect your life. The thing is people become programmed to certain things in life. Certain partners could be tolerating narcissistic partners because they feel that that is how they deserve to be treated because that is happening in their life for a long time.

Patterns can be addictive and affect your life without you realizing why they are repeating in your life. A school boy finds that bullying happens in his life even after changing schools. A girl is always ending up in relationships where the guy ends up leaving her. A person keeps getting rejected by friends etc. All these patterns are recorded in our minds and our minds tend to associate with them. Over a period of time, these things become very hard to change in our life.

A reason why patterns happen in our life is because of the story we tell ourselves. Some people have the story that they are not worthy of love and good relationships. Hence, they end up alone or with partners who don’t treat them right. A woman might be scared to leave her abusive husband because she believes that that is what she deserves.

In case of Stockholm Syndrome, a person tends to be attracted to the person who kidnapped her. A guy might internally feel that the friend circle he has is toxic for him. However, he sticks with them because he believes that that is what he deserves.

Also, the brain doesn’t like to adapt to changes. I had a friend circle that was not really the best friend circle to have. I ended up leaving them but in my mind for quite some time there was a tendency to go back and try to work it out with them, simply because my mind had adjusted to that idea of friendship and I feared change.

People fear change because it feels unknown to them. There is certainty attached to patterns and that is why people stick to the same pattern again and again even though they might realize that it is a bad one to have.

So, don’t feel scared of changes in life. Realize what you deserve in life and what is good for you and go after it. Leave the toxic patterns as soon as possible. Change the story that you tell yourself. Have a nice day.

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