How water can be used for manifestation.

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Water can consume emotions. The idea is that human consciousness can actually change the molecular structure of water.

This study was specifically done by Masaru Emoto a Japanese pseudoscientist who observed the structure of water in glass containers after they had been exposed to different emotions.

Masaru Emoto exposed water in glass jars to various words, pictures and music and then froze the water to observe the crystals formed.

He saw that water exposed to positive words and speech formed beautiful ice crystals while the water exposed to negative words formed ugly crystals.

Similar experiment has also been done in the video below where in rice has been soaked in water in certain jars with certain words to see what effect it has on the water and the rice soaked in it.

Similar research had also been done by Jacques Benveniste on water memory which was further taken up by Luc Montagnier.

So, the idea is that water can contain emotions. The water that you drink has certain emotions which can affect your consciousness.

Our bodies are 70% water itself. So, the music, speech and affirmations we listen to shape our bodies as well.

There are ways worth trying in which we can use water to enhance our life. We can write or paste certain words on our water containers to affect us in a positive way.

We can associate good words like love, courage, joy and other positive words with the water that we drink so that we can be in a higher vibration.

Anyway, this was mostly it. You can be creative in how you want to use water to enhance your well being.

Have fun, take care and bye.

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