Mastin Kipp on how Kim Kardashian changed his life

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I came across Mastin Kipp in the book called ‘The Secret: Hero’ which is the fourth book in ‘The Secret’ series. He shares his story, the challenges he faced in life and how his faith helped him reach his dream life.

Mastin is a trauma informed coaching pioneer who helps people in creating a healthy nervous system so that they can thrive in life.

When Mastin came to Hollywood, he had plans of becoming a music director. It didn’t work out for him as Hollywood as he describes wasn’t the most loving environment. He was abusing dr*gs and alc*hol and hit rock bottom.

A lot of things started falling apart for him. His investors pulled out. He and his business partner broke up.

His roommate gave him a three days notice. He developed gout in his foot and had back problems. He and his girlfriend at the time broke up.

Since, it all happened so spontaneously at one time, he felt like it could be God’s way of waking him up. His ex girlfriend’s parents offered him to stay at the pool house which was 8 x 8 feet.

He was couch surfing at the place and meanwhile working on ‘The Daily Love’ which was his hobby that he had decided to do full time. He had about a 1000 followers on his twitter handle at the time.

Mastin was all in on the job, and was dealing with massive uncertainty when Kim Kardashian tweeted to over 2 million followers to follow his twitter handle.

It was then that he went from 1000 followers to over 10,000 followers. So, that is how Kim helped Mastin gained popularity and recognition.

So, it just goes out to prove that one must follow his dream because it is God’s way of calling out to you. Anyway guys, let me know your opinions in the comments below.

Help us reach more people

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