The meaning and story behind Manafest’s ‘Edge of my Life’

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Christopher Scott Greenwood, better known by his stage name Manafest is a Canadian rapper and musician who has been producing music since the year 2000. He has won several awards like GMA Canada Covenant Awards, GMA Dove Awards, and has been nominated for multiple Juno Awards.

He had released a song called ‘Edge of my Life’ on 27th June 2014 which is one of my favorites songs by him.

Song Meaning

Manafest talks about struggles in life. He may or may not be taking his own example in the track, but it is to motivate people who are undergoing hardships in life.

The lyrics are such that they relate to common people. Its not exactly his own experience, but he is not stranger to tough times himself and has probably used those experiences to create lyrics in his track.

His father committed suicide when he was just 5 years old. He talked about how it was difficult to be in school. He was labelled as a timid and shy person who couldn’t focus on his studies.

He talked about how Jesus gave him new hope in life. He also fell in love with skateboarding which helped through those difficult times.

At 18, however another tragedy struck his life when he met with an accident and had to leave skate boarding. His girlfriend also left him and he was again in a dark place. It was when music found him and his love for music gave him a new hope in life.

For a huge majority of the crowd, music may just be fun past time but for some people music is a way of life in itself. Music can relate to our situations and help us overcome painful experiences and traumas.

When we listen to artists who have been through tough times, we are filled with hope and realize that we aren’t the only people going through bad times.

The song is about how one must keep going even if they feel like they are literally being pushed off the edge.

That was my opinion on the song. Let me know yours in the comments below.

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