Adin Ross gives his opinion on making it big in life.

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Adin Ross is someone I didn’t follow up until 2023. However, his sphere of influence finally covered me as well and I decided to look into this Internet personality.

His connections with Andrew Tate helped him further his clout, but he was already a big star in his own right. When you actually look into his history, you realize that he wasn’t just a guy who got lucky.

His upbringing wasn’t exceedingly difficult, but it wasn’t a comfortable one either. His parents had an on and off relationship, and he would stay with either of them sometimes both, switching places between New York and California.

He recalled an incident where in he was stabbed in the stomach by a mentally deranged family member in the night while he was sleeping. He got up and pulled the knife out himself not feeling much pain due to the high amount of adrenaline and was rushed to the hospital where he received 9 stitches.

Apart from his difficult situations, he grew up gaming most of the time which developed as a passion for him. He started to associate with gaming and fellow gamers in the community which formed most of his friend circle.

Internet started to grow rapidly at the time he was in high school and so did gaming and streaming platforms. The possibility of making money playing games online made Adin create his own videos on YouTube and Twitch.

His videos started gaining attention in the school and a lot of senior boys called his content as ‘cringe’ which demotivated him.

However, he soon realized that gaming would be the ticket for him to fame and fortune. In his senior year, he played online games for most of the time hoping to make it big on the platform.

When the COVID pandemic hit, his viewer count reached a new high. He even got a chance to speak to LeBron James through his son Bronny James Jr. which pushed his popularity.

In September 2021, when NBA 2k was released it was one of the worst releases ever which made Adin expand his content beyond gaming. He started doing E-dates on his platform and inviting fellow musicians on his channel to promote themselves.

This led to him eventually gaining a massive audience which stands at over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 7 million followers on Twitch.

Whatever said and done, he did what he had to do and is living the life of his dreams. Obviously, his problems are not over but he is an inspiration for people who want to follow their dreams and live their purpose.

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