Life Path No 2 does not exist. You are probably a Life Path 11.

Alright guys, so I actually checked out a video by Gary the numbers Guy who is also known by GG33 where he talks about the fact that life path number 2 does not exist. There are only 11 Life Path Numbers. Also, you can only be born on the 2nd of a month to have 2 energy.

Life Path No 2 does not exist.

Gary is among the numerologists who have the most knowledge in the sphere of numerology. If you have known your life path to be a number 2 then your path of life is actually 11 path of life.

The good news is that being an 11 path has added advantages since it is a master number. 11 is about emotional energy and people with 11 energy are old souls. 11 paths of life are charismatic and are able to draw a crowd.

Also, 5 is the soulmate number 11 path for life. People with life path number 5 are extremely lucky for 11 paths of life. Even dates totaling up to 5 are incredibly lucky for 11 paths of life.

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