The Story of how Giving In was produced by Adema

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‘Giving in’ is the first single by the rock band Adema from their self titled debut album ‘Adema’. It was released on 8th June 2001. This is the song that garnered a lot of attention to the band and brought them at the spotlight. The band went on to release more prominent hits like ‘The Way You Like It’, ‘Unstable’ etc. In this article we’ll talk about Giving In Song Review.

Giving In Song Review and Explanation

The song is about giving in to bad habits like drinking and perhaps drugs and how bad it affects one’s life. Mark is said to have written this song and it is about his experiences with addictions.

He talks about loosing friends while family trying to heal him from his addictions. He is narrating how bad the effect of his addictions has been on his life. He ends up being alone and can’t think of anything but to give in to his personal demons.

According to a source, the band was asked about the song in an interview-

That was actually the first song that all five of us wrote together. The riff came out of just jamming, and nothing more. We wrote the song pretty fast as far as the music went, like maybe an hour. And we pretty much jammed it just the way you hear it now, which is pretty crazy.

Mark wrote the lyrics while we were up in the mountains, like we talked about, and there was nothing to do. We were all taking pills and drinking everyday. So, it’s about giving in to excess more than anything else. But, he left it open-ended so it could be about any kind of…any kind of hopelessness really; anything negative; just giving into that.

Adema on their hit song ‘Giving In’

Mark Chavez evidently wrote the song based on his life experiences. Mark has had a tumultous relationship with the band. He left the band in 2004 due to certain differences in the group.

According to Ryan Shuck, there have been multiple times where in Mark has asked to join the band and then ends up leaving in the middle without valid reasons. He has pulled out of the band during tours which has costed the band.

So, Mark has not had his stuff in place according to Ryan Shuck which seems like it is true. He could be dealing with personal problems or perhaps the same bad habits that he seemed to be fighting years back.

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