What the song Mask Off reveals about Future’s past

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Mask off is one of the most popular songs by Future released on 18th April 2017.

Song Meaning and Explanation

The song is a lot about Future’s past. Mask on and off is probably Future contemplating whether he should show his true colors to the audience listening to the song.

Mask on is when he feels he should not open up about his past and mask off is when he decides to open up regardless.

Future is referring to his time in the past when he was part of the gang(probably he still is). The video depicts violence and breaking the law which could have been Future’s lifestyle in the past.

Putting masks on and off was something Future probably did with his gang members all the time. Another meaning of mask on and off could also be that while doing crimes, gangs normally put on masks, however Future doesn’t care who witnesses him doing the crime so he puts off the mask.

Also, he is referring to dr*g use that he indulged in the past or maybe still does in the present. That is what is meant by perc*cets and m*lly. He advices guys to focus on earning money and not running after women.

Future came from a poor background living on food stamps. However, rapping and making music lifted him from the streets to a totally different lifestyle wherein he was able to afford almost anything he wanted. He got all the money and power he ever wanted.

So, the song is the story about Future’s lifestyle in the past be it gang activity, dr*g abuse, etc and how he rose from the streets to the man that he is today.

This was my interpretation of the song and what I think the song is about. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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