Ed Sloan talks about Crossfade’s signature song ‘Cold’

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Crossfade is a hard rock band from South Carolina. They were quite popular till around 2013 and as of now they have not released any new songs since then. Cold is the first song from their self titled debut album ‘Crossfade’.

Cold Song Meaning and Story

Ed Sloan wrote the song about himself and how he was acting cold with his family members and girlfriend. Ed liked spending time off alone and came up with this song as an apology and explanation for his behavior.

Back then, I had a girlfriend, I saw my family every day. I love my mother and my father and that sort of thing. And I started really sinking my life into writing that first album of which ‘Cold’ was one of the songs. And I noticed the distance starting to grow between my girlfriend and I and my family a little bit, as far as the time that I was able to spend.

Music is really the only way that I emote to people. I’m a hermit kind of guy. I spend my time alone. So I tend to write songs about my life to people that I love – ‘Cold’ is just like that. I wrote that song after going through that period of time when I was neglecting a lot of my friends and my family and my loved ones because of my music.

Which wound up paying off, but I lost some friends because of all the time that I devoted to that record. And so I think that was my song saying, ‘Listen, I’m sorry for the way that I am. I don’t mean to be this cold to you. This is what I have to do.’ And just making my apologies via song. I never really thought about both of those songs and how similar they are, just from different times of my life.

Ed Sloan

Cold is one of the best songs by Crossfade. I feel like Crossfade songs are great and Cold sounds good in my opinion. If you like rock songs released especially during the 2000s then you would definitely like Cold.

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