Better Place: The Song that expresses Adam Gontier’s frustration with Three Days Grace

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Saint Asonia is a Canadian American rock band consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Adam Gontier, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist and backing vocalist Cale Gontier, and drummer Cody Watkins.

Their song ‘Better Place’ is the first single from their debut self titled album called ‘Saint Asonia’. The song was released on 16th May 2015 and the music video came out on youtube on 31st July 2015.

Song Review and Meaning

Adam Gontier is one of my favorite singers of all time. His songs with Three Days Grace are immortal and he has carved his name in the history of rock. He left Three Days Grace in 2013 to join Saint Asonia.

Now just as usual with most Adam Gontier songs, they are filled with grudges towards other people, habits etc. Its not uncommon for Adam to be venting his anger upon people who betrayed him or who he doesn’t like.

I believe this song is about him expressing his frustration with his former members of Three Days Grace. Adam’s falling out with the band was not a smooth one I believe, even though he may blame it on his health and mental issues that he claimed he needed to take care of.

Adam was p*ssed off about Neil particularly I believe. As of now, they seem to have buried the hatchet as both of them were together hanging out.

During the time that the song was launched, Adam went absolutely naked with his feelings and it was on display for the whole world. Adam wanted to cut out his former members of the band from his life forever like he explains in the song.

Falling away from friends can be tough and although it doesn’t seem as harsh as a break up with a loved one it does bother you somewhere to the point at which you want to vent out your anger on the other person. Adam just utilized his feelings in the right way that he usually does.

The song is amazing in my opinion. The chorus is pretty rhythmic and the emotion is absolutely raw. I love how Saint Asonia produced the track. The music video is great too. I was simply happy to see Adam perform on the ledge of the building. You can literally feel the energy and the emotions that Adam went through.

Let me know what you think about the song. Alright guys, I will head out. Bye.

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