You are the star of the Movie. Never seek validation from other people.

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There are several people in this world who live to gain the validation of other people. Who live to seek appreciation from other people. Who live so that others can take note of their existence. Who live to please other people. Never seek validation from other people

Well, guess what this makes you the cameo in your own life. You are the star of the movie. You are the main character in your life. Your life is about you and your mission.

Never seek validation from other people.

Don’t make others the focal point of your existence. When you do that you make them more important than you. When you care about their approval you put them on a pedestal. They can feel it. Others will know when you crave for their approval and validation.

Well, to be honest it is kind of degrading to your own self when you feel that others need to appreciate you in order to feel appreciated and good about yourself.

That is because you are depending on other people for your happiness. Its like saying to the other person that ‘you are so important that I won’t feel good about myself until you appreciate me’.

This happens so many times in jobs, in love, relationships and friendships. Often many times we go around giving other people the authority to rate us based on whatever parameters and yet we feel incomplete even if get some of it. The thing about external validation is that it is never enough.

Apart from that, you should know that your decisions should never be to please the other person. Your decisions should not be based on the validation of other people.

It should always be based on what you feel is correct and the right thing to do for yourself.

That’s all guys. You can agree and disagree. Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

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