The Sinister Truth about ‘She Knows’ by J. Cole

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J. Cole is among the most popular rap stars in the music industry. ‘She Knows’ is one of his best songs in my opinion. The song was released on 29th October 2013. So, Here’s She Knows Song Review.

She Knows Song Review & Meaning

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and I could be wrong about the explanation.

To put it simply, the song is about J. Cole cheating on his girlfriend. His girlfriend actually does know about him cheating on her. In fact, even J. Cole is sure that she knows about him cheating on her but he decides to do it regardless.

The relationship between the two does not have any future but still both of them are sticking to it at the moment. J. Cole is wondering why his girlfriend is still putting up with it. According to him, it’s highly probably that his girlfriend is cheating on him too.

Music Video Analysis

The music video of the song is actually pretty intriguing. I really liked the video. There are several different elements in the video.

The video is about a boy living with his parents. He steals some money from his home to go off and have fun with his friend while bunking school classes.

The two of them almost get caught by a policeman and are able to escape somehow. When he comes back home he finds that his mom is cheating on his father with a character played by J. Cole.

He runs out of his house saying nothing while his friend follows him to know what happened. The two of them discuss what happened. The boy doesn’t tell his father about the affair and the entire family has dinner together at night.

It’s crazy how certain actions and choices by people can affect others connected to them. So, one should always be responsible and take the best decision instead of getting carried away by temptations.

All in all, J. Cole is pretty talented and did a good job on this song.

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