Through Fire: Where You lie Song Review, Meaning and Explanation

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Through Fire is a rock band founded by Justin McCain in December 2015. It consists of the lead singer Grant Joshua Kendrick and Kyle LeBlanc who performs on the bass.

Through Fire has great songs and I love 2 songs by them mainly- Stronger and Where You Lie. They have a powerful chorus and their music is mostly filled with high energy.

The song Stronger was initially by the band Emphatic which was also founded by Justin. Where You Lie is one of the best songs by the band and it was released on 1st November 2017.

Song Meaning

The singer is expressing his frustration with his significant other. The song is about leaving your partner or telling them to leave.

At times, one can get pissed off with his or her partner because of certain things that they do wrong. Some partners promise different things and don’t keep up their promises.

They are in a habit of lying to the other person which can lead to misunderstanding cand again cause problems. Certain times people stick on to their partner because they are afraid loosing them and are willing to bend over backwards to accomodate the partner.

Also, in these cases, one might be overly attached to the signficant other and do everything that needs to be done and yet their partner might feel disappointed in the relationship.

The singer is through with these problems and wants to leave his former partner for good.

The song is a really good one. It has a great rock vibe to it like the ones that had back in 2000.

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