Hunter X Hunter: How strong is Ging Freecss?

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Ging Freecss is among the most hyped up characters in Hunter X Hunter. A lot of people speculate as to how strong Ging Freecss is and it is quite probably that he is certainly one of the strongest characters in the series.

Now, it is stated that Ging is a top 5 nen user according to Bisky. Bisky herself is actually rated slightly higher than Chrollo in terms of overall fighting skill. Now, it is not clear as to who the other top 5 nen users are. Personally, there are a few characters apart from Ging, that come to mind that might be part of the list- Netero, Maha, Zigg(Maha and Zigg might be the same person), Zeno and Beyond Netero. So, considering that I believe that Ging is definitely a very strong character.

Now, being a better nen user does not necessarily equate to being a stronger fighter although it plays a huge part. Adult Gon is about the same strength as the Mereum pre rose explosion. Looking at it from that perspective, if Ging is about the same strength as adult Gon then he is quite powerful. For now, it is speculated that Ging has the ability to copy nen abilities and techniques which is quite a good ability to have in a battle with anyone.

Netero does talk about people stronger than him although he was probably trolling at that time. Netero claims that it has been half a century since he has been the strongest however he is definitely not serious at that point of time. Netero also claimed that Mereum was the only character to give him a tough battle in a long time. I believe Zeno’s grandfather(Maha or Zigg) was the only one other than Mereum who may have given Netero a tough time. Considering this, it is very unlikely that Ging is stronger that Netero especially if Ging has fought Netero before.

Now, it could be possible that some of the top 5 nen users are at the similar level and it cannot be determined as to who is stronger between them. Although there are some hints that one can look at. Zeno clearly states that Netero is stronger than him. The amount of practice and training that Netero has done is more than any character in the series apart from maybe Maha, a character that we don’t know much about. I believe Ging is most likely not stronger than Netero.

Ging seems like he would be somewhere around Zeno’s level with Zeno being slightly ahead of him. I would say that Ging is stronger than Chrollo and Bisky. Personally, I have Silva ahead of Chrollo because Silva managed to kill a Troupe member in his battle with Chrollo. Silva decided to leave because he did not want to risk fighting Chrollo for no reason. Silva and Ging might be at the same level in my opinion.

However it should be noted that Ging is highly skilled in Zetsu as he was able to remain invisible even to Zodiac members who found it difficult to trace him. Ging is a 2 star Hunter with the potential of being a 3 star Hunter. Overall, Ging is quite strong as a character.

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