How strong is Feitan?

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Feitan Portor is known to be among the strongest characters in Phantom Troupe and also in the Hunter X Hunter series. He is an original member of the the Troupe and hails from the Meteor city. A lot of people wonder as to how strong Feitan really is and what is his true potential. How would he fare against guys like Hisoka, Illumi etc.

Now, Feitan is incredibly fast and he makes use of his sword while fighting. Kalluto had a hard time following his movements during his fight with Zazan. In terms of physical strength, Feitan ranks 5th in the Phantom Troupe. Also, his ability called the Pain Packer rising sun is way too strong even for good Hunters to handle. This ability is released only when he is in extreme rage. Now, we know how dangerous this ability is and that the other members of the Troupe ran when he started to unleash it.

Now, there is a little doubt as to whether Feitan can release the ability at any time on his will or not. Some people feel that this ability must be activated only after a certain condition is met like when his rage crosses a particular limit or maybe when the damage done to him surpasses the pain threshold level. If Feitan can release this ability at any time he wants to, then it might be extremely difficult for any Hunter to beat Feitan. So, Feitan is definitely a very strong Hunter. Some people feel he is the same league as Chrollo, Hisoka and Illumi.

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