How Strong Is Razor? Hunter X Hunter

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Razor is quite a popular character in Hunter X Hunter. He is considered to be among the strongest characters in Hunter X Hunter.

Now, talking about his past he was a criminal who was captured by Ging one of the strongest hunters assigned to do the job. Ging is able to catch Razor and from then on Razor has a transformation in his character. He is also the main person hosting the Greed Island game.

Now, since Ging entrusted him to host the game Razor obviously must have been really capable. Phinks recognizes Razor to be strong and Razor even destroyed their boat with a simple shot.

As far as his power level is concerned it is not that easy to guage his strength. Razor is comparable to Hisoka according to the power level chart. Razor has interesting abilities for example conjuring nen beasts and creating explosion attacks as the main ones we have seen so far.

I don’t know as to whether Razor would beat Hisoka in a fight or not but it would be an interesting match up. Its weird though that Hisoka didn’t think of fighting Razor considering he is always looking for worthy opponents. Personally, either Hisoka was too focused on the game that he forgot about fighting worthy opponents or it could mean that Hisoka knows he is better than Razor. Hisoka is able to deflect Razor’s ball which came full force to him and he is the main reason that they are able to win against Razor. But still, Razor might be different in actual combat and could probably win against Hisoka. Hisoka is incredibly sneaky and definitely quite intelligent but Razor comes across as someone who seems stronger than Hisoka.

Personally, I think Razor could be possessing more abilities than those that have been showcased. I would say he is slightly stronger than Hisoka and Illumi although it is hard to tell. Biscuit considers Razor to be strong and Biscuit herself is extremely strong. So, I think Razor is definitely near her level. Overall, it would have been interesting to see if Razor would have had a proper fight.

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