How Strong is Chrollo Lucilfer? Hunter X Hunter

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Chrollo Lucilfer is one of the most popular characters in Hunter X Hunter and also known to be among the strongest in the series. So, how strong is he and how does he compare to other characters in the series.

Abilities and Strengths

Chrollo is a specialist who has the ability to steal other people’s nen. The nen remains with him as long as the user stays alive and is gone once the user is dead unless the post mortem nen is involved in which case Chrollo can still use the ability. Chrollo must use his book ‘Bandit’s Secret’ and keep it open on the page which has the ability that he intends to use while accessing the ability. This is a particular weakness at first because both of his hands are not free. Later on, he is able to gain the ability of double face which allowed him to place bookmarks on the book and use multiple abilities at once.

He also has the ability to teleport a person without the person’s consent. Particularly I am not sure if he can teleport himself or the objects as well. He has good strength considering he is a specialist and ranked 7th in the Phantom Troupe. Other known abilites that he has are Indoor Fish, Fun Fun Cloth, The Sun and Moon, Order Stamp, Convert Hands etc. Some of these abilities were gained by him after his battle with Silva and Zeno.

Now, Chrollo certainly has a lot of abilities up his sleeve. At the time, when he was fighting Zeno and Silva he didn’t use much of his abilities. By the time he fights Hisoka, he is extremely overpowered. He is able to use both his hands in battle while accessing most if not all of his abilities. He is able to control the audience as puppets in his fight with Hisoka, use the same puppets as explosions. He also has the power of convert hands in which he can take on someone else’s appearance and make someone else take his appearance or swap their appearances.

How strong is he compared to other Hunters?

During his battle with Zeno and Silva, I would say both Zeno and Silva were stronger than him. Silva had faced off against Chrollo in the past and both of them came out of the fight alive. Personally, I think Silva won that fight and escaped when he had the chance because that is what he was supposed to do. He even managed to kill one Troupe member most likely in Chrollo’s presence.

Zeno was also stronger than Chrollo at that time and he was able to overpower him in that battle. According to Zeno if they were to fight one on one, Zeno would most likely win however the outcome was less certain if Chrollo was actually trying to kill Zeno.

Chrollo has tremendous potential in terms of fighting ability as we see in his fight vs Hisoka. I would say at that point when he was fighting Hisoka, he was perhaps stronger than Silva and Zeno as I don’t see either winning the fight against him in those conditions.

Netero, Mereum, and the Royal Guards would obviously be still stronger than him. Ging, Zeno and Silva might still win if they were at a place where Chrollo can’t use a lot of people as puppets against them. Kurapika is another exception who would probably defeat Chrollo.

Chrollo is definitely very intelligent and will come full prepared if given a challenge in advance. His weakness can be the temptation to steal the other person’s nen while battling him or her so that can be a disadvantage. Overall, he is incredibly strong more than Hisoka and Illumi.

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