How strong is Silva Zoldyck? Hunter X Hunter

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Silva Zoldyck is the father of Killua in the series Hunter X Hunter. He is known to be one of the strongest characters in the anime. But, how strong is he exactly?

Silva is a transmuter and an elite assassin. Personally, I think he might be among the top 5 nen users ever. According to Netero, Ging is one of the top 5 nen users. Among that top 5, Netero might be talking about himself, Zeno, Beyond Netero, Ging and Silva.

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Silva has high speed and really good nen techniques. He was able to finish off Cheetu in a single hit while Morel and Knuckle couldn’t finish him off despite being together. He has incredible combat skills in my opinion.

Now, a some people do put Chrollo ahead of Silva, but honestly speaking according to the chart even Bisky is rated higher than Chrollo. Bisky spoke about Netero telling her Ging is one of the top 5 nen users. So, I doubt Bisky is on the list herself even though she is really strong. Zeno said he would probably win against Chrollo if they were to fight, but he is not sure if Chrollo were seriously trying to kill him. This is meaning that might be some possibility of Zeno loosing to Chrollo, but still Zeno would most likely win in my opinion. Silva might be slightly lesser than Zeno in overall ability, but is definitely stronger than Chrollo in my opinion.

Silva has faced Chrollo before and managed to kill a Phantom Troupe member in his presence. Therefore, this is a possible hint to Silva being stronger than Chrollo. Now, we know that the Zoldycks kill only when it is absolutely necessary. That is why Silva decided to leave the battefield when he had the chance instead of risking getting killed which is quite practical in his opinion.

Also, Illumi his eldest son is comparable to Hisoka who is slightly weaker than Chrollo. Now, even though Chrollo won the battle against Hisoka very easily he had a lot of stolen powers and conditions to his advantage. Hisoka is going to face Chrollo again, lets see if he can kill Chrollo this time. Silva is definitely a lot stronger than his son Illumi and so, I feel he is definitely stronger than Chrollo.

I would say he is comparable to Ging. Ging has a lot of hype so it is possible that Ging is quite strong. Personally, I don’t think Ging is stronger than Netero or even Zeno for that matter. Ging is an intriguing character with a lot of capabilities. At the same time, some people think Silva is stronger than Zeno considering that he is young and in his prime. So, there is definitely a lot of confusion in their power levels. Silva is definitely quite strong. From the way the show has hyped Ging, Ging might be stronger than Silva although they can even be at the same level.

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