Law of Attraction: Does it really work or is it fake?

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Fine, so a lot of people know about the law of attraction. The book Secret introduced several people to this concept and I believe most people would have tried to see how the law of attraction works. And for a lot of people it just didn’t work out the way they had thought it would. However before you dismiss it, it is essential to understand what the law of attraction really is.

What is the law of attraction?

Law of attraction means that you attract what you are in vibration with. Your vibration is how you think, feel and act. A lot of people say that the law of attraction is fake. The reason is it is definitely not. It just does not work the way you think it does.

What is felt inside is expressed outside?

Basically, the thing is that if you feel fear you will attract circumstances that will make you feel fearful. Affirmations don’t work in this case because what you say has no meaning if what you internally feel is totally opposite to what you are saying. For example, if you have an exam and if you internally feel that you will do badly in the exam, then that is how it is going to be for you most likely. It won’t matter if you affirm to yourself verbally that the exam is going to be good since that is not what you internally feel. So, what you internally feel is going to be expressed on the outside.

You attract people similar to you.

Another example of how the law of attraction works is something you can experience very naturally in your day to day life. You will find that your friends will always be similar to you. In the sense, that they will be similar in terms of vibration. A group of people hang out together only because they have similar attitudes, beliefs and style of thinking. Even when you enter a room you may have never interacted with someone before, but your instincts would let you know whom to sit with and whom to interact with etc.

So, the law of attraction is simply you attract what you are. The above examples were to give you a glimpse of how it really works. If you want to learn how to manifest. I will be writing more blog posts regarding the subject in the future. Do check them out later(only if you are interested in doing so).

Meanwhile, this is all for this blog post. Have fun and enjoy.

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