Does Feitan stand a chance against Hisoka?

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Hisoka and Feitan are known to be among the stronger characters in Hunter X Hunter. A lot of people wonder as to who would win in a fight between the two.


Hisoka has excellent hand to hand combat skills and a good speed. His nen abilities like Bungee Gum is quite impressive too. It might look like a simple technique, but it is extremely effective against any opponent. Hisoka has won every fight until now except for Chrollo in which he survives and comes back even stronger than before killing Shalnark and Kortopi together in no time.


Feitan has great speed and agility. He has strong reflexes and great combat skills with the sword. His trump card is the Rising Sun which is a very deadly technique to finish off opponents.

Who would win?

As to who would win in a fight between the two, it is very difficult to come to a conclusion. Feitan hasn’t caught Hisoka’s attention as a very strong opponent. It could probably be because Hisoka is mainly focussed on Chrollo and didn’t want to waste time fighting Feitan. It could also be that Hisoka might not be aware of Feitan’s abilities like the Pain Packer Rising Sun.

Feitan did fight Zazan and win against her but he took considerable damage during the fight. In the beginning Zazan is able to kick Feitan and send him flying across, but perhaps Feitan was just warming up for the fight. Later as the fight progresses, Feitan even gets his hand injured seriously. Then he releases the Trump card, ie. the Pain Packer Rising Sun with which he kills her easily.

Now, it is not confirmed if Hisoka is aware of Feitan’s abilities. If they were to fight each other in a battle, I believe Hisoka would most likely be winning at first. If Feitan eventually releases the Pain Packer Rising Sun ability then it is quite likely that he would finish off Hisoka. If Hisoka isn’t aware of the ability then he would probably just wait to see what happens until it would be too late to escape. However, if he is aware of the ability then he would probably escape in time. Also, another thing that could happen would be that Hisoka kills Feitan before Feitan releases the Rising Sun. It also depends on whether Feitan can release the Pain Packer at any time he wants to. I believe a particular condition must be met for Feitan to unleash it for example his rage limit be exceeded or the damage done to Feitan crosses the pain threshold. If Feitan can release the Rising Sun at his own will then it would definitely pose a huge problem for Hisoka. Although, the outcome still wouldn’t be very clear. The outcome depends a lot on circumstances and possibilities. If I were to bet, I would choose Hisoka.

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