Subliminals: What you should know before you use them

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Subliminals are usually messages that seep through your subconscious mind without being detected by the conscious mind. These are messages in your surroundings that enter your subconscious mind without you noticing it. The thing about subliminals is that you may not be aware of the message that is being lodged in your mind.

For people wanting to know if subliminals work or not, I would say there is a very high probability that they do. According to me, I personally feel that they should work. They are mainly messages which seep into your subconscious mind. That is where the information gets lodged. The information sent to your subconscious mind is what will produce results. I personally don’t use subliminals because I usually get what I want without having to use them. But I definately think that they do have certain effect on you.

For example, you could be listening to some music, which might be having certain messages being played within it at low volume which you might not hear but these messages are being recorded by the subconscious mind. So, while you are listening to music, some messages are being injected in your subconsious mind without you being aware of it.

Now, recently a lot of people have started using subliminals to get results. Subliminals like the ones usually found on youtube are basically messages recorded at very low volume such that you might not be able to hear them. These messages are usually affirmations. Affirmations are again thoughts or words that one repeatedly thinks or speaks in order to manifest into reality. Check out my blog on affirmations to know more about this.

However, the point of subliminals is that they enter the subconscious mind without being rejected by the conscious mind because the conscious mind is not able to detect them. As I told you before affirmations may not work at times because your conscious mind might not believe them to be true. However, in case of subliminals the conscious mind is not able to detect them. Hence, what happens is that since these messages are not rejected by the conscious mind(as they need to be detected first) they seep into the subconscious mind easily. So, you might get the results easily using subliminals.

However, there might be a hazard when you use subliminals which I feel is extremely essential for you to know before you start using them. I advise anyone to never blindly follow subliminals on youtube to get certain results because you might not be actually aware of what those messages are. You might be using subliminals to get certain results, however since your conscious mind does not detect those messages, you might not even know what those messages are. At times, the subliminal might be a message that could produce the opposite results depending on whether its maker has bad intentions or not. Now, this is just something I feel people should know before they use subliminal audio or video.

You could be using a subliminal to get a particular result but if the subliminal has a message opposite to what it is supposed to do then you might get the opposite result to what you actually want to manifest.

So, a better idea is to create your own subliminal so that you know what messages you are feeding into it. Record your own messages at a low volume and you could play those along with music such that the music masks those messages. In this way you will be sure that the messages being sent to your brain are the right ones because you are setting those messages yourself. Whereas in case of using subliminals made by other people you will never be sure as to whether the subliminal is reliable or not, because what messages they might contain are something you will never be aware of since your conscious mind cannot detect them.

The basic idea is that you should know that the messages you are listening to are credible. And for that you must create your own so that you can ensure that your are listening to the correct messages.

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