Why affirmations don’t work? What you must do?

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Alright, so a lot of people who are new to the concept of law of attraction try to use affirmations to get what they want. Affirmations are basically thoughts that one thinks or says repeatedly to oneself in order for them to manifest into reality. For example, someone might think to himself/herself ‘I am rich’, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am intelligent’ etc. One usually affirms these thoughts to manifest them into reality.

Now, the thing with affirmations is that they don’t work at times. So, a lot of people feel dejected and feel that the law of attraction is a hoax. The Secret was a book which introduced us to the law of attraction and it made us familiar with this concept at a very basic level. There are a lot of things that we won’t understand about the law of attraction when we are new to this concept.

The main reason why affirmations don’t work is because when you say something to yourself, you might not believe it to be true. For example, if you are struggling financially then you will find it hard to believe that you are rich at that point of time. So, in this case when you repeatedly tell yourself that you are rich it does not have any impact because you don’t really believe it to be true.

So, when you are affirming something to yourself make sure that you believe it to be true. Now I know what you are thinking well if I am poor at that point of time, how do I make myself believe that I am rich. Now, in this case you need to take things slowly. Improve on your condition gradually. It is hard to believe something when the outer reality is showing you the total opposite. For example, if you have been getting poor marks then it is hard to believe that you are good in studies.

When you are trying to manifest something that is not what you really perceive to be true in the outer reality then you must not rush the process. Believe something that feels believable. For example, if you don’t have enough money then you can believe that I am getting better financially. Or you can think that money in your life is increasing. Or you are moving closer to becoming rich.

In this case, your mind can perceive these things to be true. Hence, it becomes a lot more easier to achieve your goal. So, remember make affirmations that you believe will work for you and which you feel are believable to you.

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