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Alright, guys I know you all know that time is important. Although, the thing is a lot of you people can utilize time to do things that you are not even considering of doing. The thing is that a lot of people surrender to reality without even trying their hands on doing the things that they might be passionate about.

You see its never too late to do something but at the same time the time to do the thing that you consider doing is right now. Back in college in Modinagar when I was undergoing mental trauma, I was wasting as much time as I could have doing all sorts of stupid things. However, I was just about early enough to realize the importance of following your purpose and passion.

I was thinking of how I could take steps in the direction that I wanted to go. Eventually the universe aligned me towards doing one thing that I was passionate about and that was making content. I also did MBA afterwards and got a job later. However, I realized one thing and that was that you have to act as early as possible because that can actually save your life.

Now, a lot of people might be thinking well I am where I am supposed to be in life. What I mean is if you are passionate about something and if you have a purpose that is more than just your job then just f**king take a chance at it. If you don’t your options do somewhat close the more you delay.

Start small with it and then find ways to grow the thing that you aim to grow be it your business or your career.

Help us reach more people

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