How to forget the past? Things you must know.

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Most people usually have something in the past they do everything to forget. These are usually traumatic experiences which could be anything like committing a mistake, loosing a loved one etc.

Now, the thing is that certain memories in the past cannot be simply forgotten. These experiences usually hold some value that one needs to know in their life as they move forward. For example, committing a huge mistake in business maybe crucial for you to remember in the long run so that you don’t repeat it again. Bad times in life teach us a lot of lessons and the for the lessons to be retained, one must not simply forget the bad times in the past.

A lot of people are troubled about the death of a loved one and well in this case you have to realise that there wasn’t any fault of yours. And you must live for the things in the present and the future. At times, people have undergone severe things like ab*se etc which can also haunt people in future.

Now, first of all you need to see if you made any mistake or not. If it wasn’t your fault then there is not much point in regretting whatever happened. In case you made a mistake, then acknowledge the fact that you made a mistake. Understand the lesson from it so that you don’t repeat it in future.

Take some time off to repent on whatever happened. Remember there are better things in life to look forward to. It is important to know that certain things will not be forgotten unless you take certain drastic steps which are not worth taking. In any case, accept whatever happened in the past. Realise where you went wrong. Then move forward in life.

Remember the past does not exist anymore. It is only a memory in your head. The present is real. What you do in the present moment and what you think of yourself in the present moment is what defines you. So, enjoy the present moment and forget the past to move on.

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