Law Of Attraction: Does it work or not?

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Law of attraction is a concept that everyone has heard. Although, I doubt if everyone really knows how it works. I am saying this because even I don’t know how it really works. Well, I have been aware of this concept for a very long time(about 8 years) and I think I do have a fair idea of how it works. Now, there are a lot of things that people misunderstand while using the law of attraction. A lot of people feel that law of attraction simply means that by thinking something one is able to manifest it into reality.

The Secret was the book that introduced us to this concept and the thing is that it did a good job in doing so, however people might have misunderstood what it actually meant. I got this book when I was around 13 years of age. Now, I simply thought that I had the keys to the kingdom once I learnt this concept. I went to my class. I was in 8th standard that time and I was sitting with my friend at that time who is no longer a friend now. So, I was naturally thrilled about learning this concept and I told him ‘you know what you think is manifested into reality’. And then I tried to prove it to him. I said ‘ Listen, I am visualizing the teacher picking up her purse. I thought it for 15 minutes and surprisingly the teacher actually picked up her purse. It wasn’t as if she was leaving the class. He was pretty thrilled by that too. Then, we tried another example. I said ‘ That boy sitting over there is going to put his head down’. And he actually put his head down too.

These things happened the next day I had read the Secret. Now, I was like I am ready to get full marks in every test that I take. Of course, it never happened. The first year I came to know about the law of attraction, I had a good CGPA. Next year, it fell drastically. To be honest, in 8th standard I had scored a 9.4 CGPA. So, it wasn’t that the book ‘The Secret’ caused my downfall. There were other factors involved.

But the thing is the law of attraction never really worked the way I had planned it to. I knew that the book was not really wrong but I couldn’t figure out about how to use it. Later on, as I did more and more research on the law of attraction and subconscious mind, I realized ‘Oh, so that is how things really happen’.

Law of attraction simply means you attract what you feel. The way you feel on the inside is what you will feel on the outside. For example, if you feel afraid on the inside, you are going to attract things that will make you feel scared. That is what it is simply put.

Now, the thing is you could be using this law to exceed your targets in a job. Lets say you hate your job. Then, I would say why don’t you use LOA(Law of Attraction) to get a good job for yourself. I mean if you are passionate about football, why not use the law to become a footballer like Messi, instead of trying to meet targets in a job that you don’t even like. After all, we have learnt that we can manifest anything right. So, why don’t we use it to manifest the best possible outcome.

Another thing that comes into picture is the fact that you should never be attached to the outcome of the things. Learn to let the chips fall into place however they fall. Your burning desire for something to happen might just cause you to suffer. Learn to detach yourself from the outcome and learn to be fine with however things play out.

Pay attention to what you are feeling while trying to manifest. When you feel desperate for a certain outcome, you will find the opposite happening many times. The reason is because the law of attraction in this case is implying that since you are desperate on the inside, you will find circumstances that will make you feel more desperate. Your desperation to get love will attract to you situations that will make you feel more desperate. So, in these cases you will ending repelling instead of attracting love.

So, that is my take on it. Be patient. Things will happen in the way most suitable to you. It took me 8 years to understand this. I hope this helped. Have a nice day.

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