DMX Last video before his death

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DMX was one of the most influential rappers ever specifically known for his music during the 90s and the 2000s. DMX had a crazy career which was full of adversities of all sorts be it fighting the media, being jailed or having scuffles with the music industry.

DMX had a tough childhood too as you can search on wikipedia.

Simmons went through a disjointed childhood that included being beaten by his mother and her various boyfriends so badly that he lost teeth and sustained numerous bruises and cuts on his face. Due to poverty, he slept on the floor with roaches and mice crawling over him in the night.


You can learn more about him on the wikipedia page, but not only was his childhood excruciatingly troubling his life as an adult didn’t leave him with any peace. DMX was pretty vocal about his Christian faith as well. He talked about becoming a pastor and preaching gospels.

Well his career is quite scary to talk about. You can check out his songs ‘Damien’ (part 1,2 and 3) and ‘Lord Give Me A Sign’ which give you an idea of what he was going through in real life.

This is sad to be his last video where he had a message to tell people.

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