Sick Puppies: You’re Going Down Song Analysis

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This is a blog I am writing just for fun. I don’t know where to go with this. For some reason, I felt like commenting upon the song. This song was released on 2nd May 2009 for digital download and on 2nd June 2009 as official release. The genre is Nu-metal and the album is Tri-Polar.

This song was also a theme song for WWE Extreme Rules 2009. A large number of people found out about this song through WWE. I did watch WWE in 2009 but I found this song on youtube naturally. Its a pretty intense song I have to say. Whenever, I would listen to this song I would picture myself fighting my enemies relishing in my victory. The song is pretty intense and its funny that the video actually shows kids in a water fight. So, there are kids throwing water balloons and using water guns at each other. When I first watched the video, it felt slightly weird having such an intense song and having kids in a water fight in the video but I found the concept too. Perhaps I went through the same emotions as a kid when I was involved in water fights.


The new album is called Tripola which means the next level of insanity after you first go insane.


The concept of the video came from Ryan Smith. We wanted to try and find something that was more contrasting to the heaviness and aggression and simplicity of the song. So, we went with something more light hearted.


The theme of the video is kids from the ages of 6 to 11 are in a water balloon fight. However, we are shooting it and conducting it as if its a war like Black Hawk Down meets saving private Ryan. We have smoke out here as if it was grenade smoke really capturing a war like atmosphere kind of as if we are in kids’s minds and how intense they are.

Ryan Smith

To be a band nowadays and be able to go out and play music full time is pretty much like quite an accomplishment. I think because the industry is changing so much and I don’t know, I think we feel pretty privileged that we got a chance to make a second record and you know make music videos and stuff. I think we were pretty lucky enough.


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