The Law of Reversed Effort: When Action does not produce results?

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Alright guys, so this is a concept I knew about for quite some time. Recently, I was kind of experiencing this to be honest.

The thing about action is that not every time does it produces the results that you want. You could study incredibly hard for an exam only to do badly in it. You could try all sorts of tricks to be good friends with someone and fail badly at it. Now, the idea is that when we are really trying so hard at something why do we fail at it.

Aaron Doughty explains how the law of reversed effort works

In my case what I have realized is that the intention and inner state of the mind is the most important thing when it comes to results.

What are we actually feeling when we take action?

So, usually if we take action from a lower state of consciousness, ie. desire in most cases, or fear etc, we will find that we won’t usually get the desired result.

For example, if we are studying hard because we are fearful of failing or we are working hard to sell goods simply because we want to earn more money we will find that we will mostly fail to accomplish what we set out to do.

So in order to get better results, I suggest that one can use a better form of motivation or intention while working towards your goal. If its based on love or if its based on joy then one enjoys the process and the goal does not feel so desperate to achieve.

Lastly, the thing is don’t feel attached to the reward. Do whatever you have to do and let things happen their way.

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