What to do if things are not manifesting?

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Alright, so a lot of times we aim to achieve certain things or goals but we don’t seem to be getting the results that we want. A lot of times we get frustrated because even when we try really hard it feels like we are stuck in the same place.

So, what should we do when things don’t go as we think they should have gone. What should be done in order to get the desired outcome? Should we put in more effort, dedicate more time and hustle as much as we can.

The thing is that we usually know when we are pushing our limits. We know when we are putting in huge amounts of efforts. If you feel like you have been doing so and not getting the results then it is time to take a step back. You probably know that putting more effort and work than you have already been doing is not going to get you any further.

Aaron explains letting go of Control

A lot of times we put enormous amount of effort because we fear that we might fail. As human beings we like certainty and we will usually do anything to control the circumstances. So, it happens mainly due to a lack of faith in the process or the universe.

Help us reach more people

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