The Dark Story behind Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’

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Last Resort is one of the most popular songs by the rock band Papa Roach. It was released on 18th September 2000 and is part of the album ‘Ready to Rumble’.

Last Resort is the immortal song by the band and their most significant creation. Even though it is pretty negative in its lyrics, a lot of teenagers used to listen to it growing up and some still do.

Many of them relate to this song, many of them reminisce over how they related to this song in the past and some may think of it as a means to vent out their frustration from the problems they’ve had in their life.

Song Meaning and Story

So, the group was at Tobin’s house. He used to play the piano. He started playing a tune on it which seemed pretty interesting. Jerry tried replicating the tune on the electric guitar and it later became the riff for the song.

The lyrics were about a person named Marc who was a friend of Jacoby. Jacoby had moved out of the house when he was 17 and was staying with Marc Parham. Jacoby and Marc bonded very well as friends and were like family.

They started doing drugs which brought up deeply suppressed issues in both of them. One night after doing what Jacoby recalls either mushrooms or acid, something seriously went wrong with Marc. Marc was mumbling and talking gibberish. This happened for about 3 to 4 days.

Marc had been going through a lot of problems in life and probably had suicidal tendencies. He was later hospitalized. After that, Marc changed as a person and Jacoby couldn’t relate to Marc anymore. So, they went their separate ways.

The song is quite negative and the lyrics are very direct. It is about contemplating suicide and pain that one goes through life. Jacoby had these feelings in his mind for a long time. Even though he admits it wasn’t from a first person’s point of view, he felt that he had to write down the song and express his feelings to deal with it.

So, this is what Last Resort is about. Have a nice day.

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