Allow things to be easy for yourself during manifestation

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Beliefs create reality. Your reality is determined by the mental framework you have about how reality works.

The thing is while ‘will’ and ‘work ethic’ are very important for manifestation, it is essential to understand that when you think of things as being difficult or not easy to accomplish, it invariably becomes difficult to accomplish.

As a result, one is not able to succeed because it becomes too hard to handle.

The thing is that we must make our beliefs conform to the reality we wish to experience. Do we want to have a hard time working and achieving results or do we want them to be smooth.

A huge amount of programming is done basically depicting at how difficult things are to accomplish, which can lead to negative results.

It starts with our parents explaining to us as to how difficult it is to succeed in life and how we must slog our way to success.

In the end, success may not happen and when it does it is after a very long time.

The idea is to work upon those beliefs and try to enforce beliefs which make success seem simple.

There are easy ways of manifesting things. There are people who work few hours a day for 4-5 times a week and are earning huge amounts of money while some are struggling to make ends meet.

Ensure that your beliefs are not creating a hindrance and working in your favor.

That was all guys. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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