How to Stop Caring what other people think of you?

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Alright, first of all to some extent even I care about what other people think of me. Or else I would be roaming without clothes lol. But as far as I know I am someone who might be slightly better at not caring about what others think about me. I mean I feel so.

Why people care about other’s opinions about them?

For some reason a lot of people care about what other people think of them. Perhaps the ego is devised in such a way that it cares for appreciation and validation. This also depends on what level a person is at vibrationally. But, that is a different thing. I believe a lot of people care about what other people think of them. Now, it is not necessarily a bad thing and I guess there needs to be some balance. I guess the ego is devised in such a way that one does care about what others think after all it is needed to exist in the society in a way. So, like I said there needs to be a balance.

Are you suffering because of what others might think?

Now, there is one fundamental thing that I believe is most important when caring about what other people think. Are you putting yourself at a discomfort? Are you tolerating pain just for the reason of not making situations uncomfortable? I mean one should care about not hurting other people’s feelings but we can’t be putting ourselves at a disadvantage just to be in other people’s good books.

For example, if you are tolerating something from the other person just to not make things uncomfortable for them. Lets say, you have a boss who is exploiting you and you are not complaining about him just because of how bad or uncomfortable it might look on the outside to some people who are not going to matter to you anyway. The first thing you have to realize is that this is causing a problem to you. IT IS YOUR LOSS FOR NOT STANDING UP.

The risk is huge for the cost of your impression on other people?

Another thing could be like you are scared to do your thing for the reason as to what others might think of you. You must realize that you are causing a huge loss for yourself. What if that business works? What if my youtube channel becomes famous? These are certain things that you have to know. The price of what others might think of you is way too high for this.

Self Image is the key

Remember people feel what you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself then then other people are going to feel the same way. If you think you are good looking then other people will feel that you look good. If you are conscious about your weight, then other people would react in a way that makes you feel like that. If you have a good self image of yourself then you first of all would not care about what other people think of you. If you have your validation, then you don’t need any else’s validation too. You can read this blog post to know more about self image.

So, I would suggest you do the math yourself. Do what you really want to do? Put your interests before what other people’s perception of you. You should not be hurting others in any way. But don’t tolerate discomfort or pain for caring too much about what people might think of you. Have a balance because too much of anything is poison.

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