People Pleaser, Nice Guy is not a good thing to be.

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So, what is wrong with being a nice guy. What is wrong with trying to make people happy. What is wrong with pleasing others?

Well, this habit is going to harm you a lot. This habit is going to affect how people treat you, how they view you as a person and your overall sense of being.

So, lets just start with why people tend to become nice guys. Why do people develop the habit of pleasing everyone? What is the need to do so?

A lot of times, this happens because someone may feel that they will not be accepted by others if they are not doing things to please them. A lot of times, people feel the need to make others happy in order to gain their validation and approval.

This habit usually stems from childhood. Sometimes, a person might have undergone rejection from others and realized that this is the way to be around people in order to have their company. A lot of people might feel unworthy for a variety of reasons. An example is when a child asks for a toy from his parents and his parents refuse to give him that toy, then he might frame a meaning from that situation that I am not worthy of receiving good things.

People form meaning from situations all the time. They can feel unworthy or not deserving other people’s validation and approval for different situations that they would have been placed in.

So, the important thing is to realize that you are worthy. You don’t have to do anything or be a certain way to know that. You are worthy for the simple reason that you exist and God has put you for a specific purpose. Don’t equate your worth or value in terms of what you do or accomplish because that has nothing to do with it.

Set boundaries for yourself. Know what you are willing to accept and what you are not willing to accept be it in friendships, agreements etc. Be aware of what you deserve and what you don’t.

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