Falling Inside the Black: Skillet Song Review and Meaning

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Falling Inside the Black is one of my favorite songs by Skillet. It was released in 2006 and is a typical Skillet rock song.

Song Review and Meaning

The meaning of the song is pretty clear. It is about loneliness and not wanting to be left alone. The person does not want the other person to leave or wants her back but is unable to get her.

Personally, this kind of situation had happened with me a long time back and I used to vibe with this song enormously. I wanted someone to be in my life at that time and I couldn’t get the person. For some reason, I felt kind of alone and sort of hopeless for some reason.

I never thought something like this could happen to me but it did and it was quite crazy. One actually feels like what can one do without the other one which was what I felt at the time even though I barely knew this person and had never spoken to her except for once or twice.

This kind of codependency pattern is what can actually cause people to feel real bad. All of a sudden it feels like life has become dull and there is nothing to look forward to. One tends to slip into depression if one keeps thinking like this.

Later, I realized that the other person was just a means for me to understand certain concepts and it did help me a lot. I never spoke to her ever again too, but it didn’t really mean anything to me eventually later. The thing is that no one can complete you and that only you can fill your void.

The song is pretty good and I loved listening to this back when I was sad about life, however as my vibration rose I began listening to songs that were cheerful and not gloomy. Sad songs had been my thing for a long time and sometimes I still listen to them although, I don’t resonate with them any longer.

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