Why are there narcissistic or abusive people in your life and what to do about it?

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So, why are there narcissistic people in your life and what can you do about it? How do you deal with a narcissist? Why do you have to deal with people who are nothing but abusive to you? Is there any way you can overcome this situation?

Alright, now here is the thing. Many times in life, you will come across people who might seem as narcissistic or who don’t treat you the right way. Well, the thing is that a lot of times this may happen because you have not set your boundaries. In my opinion it has a lot to do with how you view yourself. It is important to realize that you have the right to be everything that you aspire to be and that you have the right to be treated in a right manner. Also, you can have anything that you want or create any environment that you want to create.

The thing is a lot of things in life are a result of your vibration. Your vibration is basically a combination of how you think, feel and act. As a kid growing up, I did come across a lot of people who did take advantage of me and I was not aware of how I could turn the situation around. I felt like that was the way life was and how it was meant to be. But these things actually caused me to look inside of myself and realize the reality that I was experiencing. These things have a lot to do with your self image and how you view things. Sometimes, a lot of incidents in the past can cause you to develop a bad self image about yourself. But, the thing here is that you must let go of the past because the past ACTUALLY DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE. What is real is the present moment. It does not matter if you have experienced pain in the past simply because the pain of the past has gone with the past. What matters is the fact that you can learn from it and turn your life for the better.

Now, the universe has a funny way of teaching things to people. You will keep undergoing the same situations again and again until you overcome them. That is a reason why a kid who is bullied in one school might encounter the similar people or situations when he changes to another school. It is all a game of energy. So, it is best to realize your mistake the first time.

A lot of times you might be undergoing these things because God wants you to stand up for yourself. That is where a lot of character development happens. You have to be bold enough to stand up for yourself where ever necessary and fight for yourself where ever possible. You must know what your boundaries are and how you are supposed to be treated. So, this is what it is man. If you are undergoing situations like these, then take action about it. Don’t just wish for it to go away. You will be glad that you took action. You might have to take what seems to be the difficult road but go ahead and do it.

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