Why do people like heavy metal music?

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Well, music comes in different genres and heavy metal is a popular style of music. A lot of people all around the world still listen to heavy metal and there are a number of bands that produce this type of music. I believe that rock has become less popular over the years compared to what the scenario of rock music was like during the 1980s, but it is not hard to find modern bands that play rock music.

Now, metal is a sub genre of the rock genre. Heavy metal is a very intense form of rock music with aggressive drum beats, guitar solos etc. As far as I know most people don’t like listening to such music even though the fans of this kind of music many times even feel that there is nothing better than heavy metal.

Coming to the main question that is why people like heavy metal music?

Now, the thing is people are attracted to songs that they resonate with. Everyone has a vibration as an individual and these songs set us on a particular vibration. Music is powerful because it can affect your personality and thoughts influencing our life in ways that we may not even be aware of. Now, if you have read Power vs Force by David Hawkins, you would know that there is a scale of consciousness. This scale of consciousness simply means the feelings that we experience. Feelings like shame, fear, anger etc. are said to be of low vibrational states and feelings such as love, joy etc are said to be of high vibrational states.

Every person’s vibration can be lying at any level depending on what feelings he experiences most of the time. In case of music, we listen to music that we can relate to or are a vibrational match to. So, the thing I have noticed with heavy metal music is that it usually displays feelings like anger, resentment etc. People feeling these vibrations are attracted to this music. The guitar solos, intense drum beats etc might seem very fascinating too but the main thing lies in the emotions behind the song. If these are emotions are something that a person connects with, then he starts to like that music.

My own example

I used to like heavy metal music as a teenager for quite some time. I still listen to that kind of music although very rarely just to reminisce the old feelings but I have moved on to much lighter songs and songs which feel pleasant. So, I realized that when I was listening to such songs, I was not really in a good position in life. I was angry and hurt at certain things that had happened and I used to like listening to songs that would express how I was feeling. Over the years, as I let go of these negative emotions the heavy metal genre lost its appeal to me. Once you let go of the things that have happened in the past you begin to raise your vibration. Once that happens, you find such music less appealing.

I beleive it is important to know what kind of music you are listening to and one should focus on music that induces positive feelings. This will help you live a better life.

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