How other people treat you is a reflection of how you internally feel about yourself.

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So, here is the thing. In case, you have been wondering as to why other people treat you the way they do, it is a reflection of how you internally feel you deserve to be treated.

Now, this has a lot to do with self worth and one’s self image. If you have shame about the way that you are, you will find that others will treat you in a way that will reinforce the feeling.

I don’t know but for some reasons in the past, I was really conscious about myself and in a way I thought that certain things about me were wrong. Now, at times it has to do with how you have been treated in the past, your circumstances, the meaning you have given to the incidents that have happened in your life etc.

I remember that in order to be accepted I would try to excel in different areas well mainly studies and sports because I thought it will have a good impression about me on others. However, internally there were some issues that I was not aware of. I felt like I was inadequate and I had to excel in all these events in order to compensate for how I was as a person.

Also, the thing is that if you are secure on the inside then the outside world cannot do affect you really. Also, if you have been going through trauma of this sort, then you can learn a lot from it. The point is that nothing is wrong with you if you feel that way. You have a purpose in life and God has created you specifically in order to fulfill that purpose.

You don’t have to accomplish anything great or become something great in order to be respected. You are valuable simply because you exist. There is a saying which says that respect has to be earned. Well, that may be true however don’t look for respect from other people. Respect yourself, your opinions, what you stand for and you will realize that what others think of you doesn’t really bother you because you are comfortable with the way that you are. In turn, you will find that other people respect you more when you are not looking for respect from them.

In the end, remember that you are valuable whether you achieve something or not, whether you become something or not but simply because you exist. Focus on your goals in life, your principles, and be firm enough to take your stand on what you believe is right or wrong. Period. Have fun. Hope this helps.

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