Don’t Feel Scared to Cause Tension Among People

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Alright, so this was something I wanted to talk about. It might help some people in life. Personally, like Kobe Bryant said ‘ I am not saying that my way is the right way, its my way’, well yeah I am not saying that what I say is always correct but I believe in doing it. And if you feel it is the correct thing to be done then go ahead and do it for yourself.

So, the problem with a lot of nice guys and people pleasers is that most of them are scared to cause tension among people. What I mean by this is that a lot of people may feel scared to push for what is right simply because they are scared of what others might think or simply because it might cause a scene.

The truth is a lot of times when you do stand up for yourself even when it is uncomfortable, the result seems to be a lot better for you. It could be refusing a colleague asking for a favor from you or having to leave a friend circle that no longer serves your purpose. There is a great value in saying NO. Don’t hesitate to make situations uncomfortable if your interest is at stake. Make sure no one is taking undue advantages of you. Know what your boundaries are and stick to them no matter what.

Well, this was the message. Hope you follow it. I mean follow it if you feel it is correct. Peace.

Help us reach more people

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